Simplicity can give life to great things: the Triplostrato® brick becomes the protagonist of modularity and scalarity, offering an almost infinite range of beautiful and healthy solutions.

sistemi bookcase 2 | modular system
bookcase 2 | modular system
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The potential of simplicity

Each Disegno di Legno furniture is developed starting from a single unit: a base module in Fiemme Tremila wood, completely natural and biocompatible, obtained by interlocking Triplostrato® planks.

Starting from this brick, it is possible to create pieces of furniture and accessories by varying their dimensions by scale and furnishing spaces through replicable modules. This System, indeed, makes the combinations and possibilities almost endless.


Thinking big starting small.

Our Scalable Systems line takes full advantage of the expansion properties of Disegno di Legno brick. These products, starting from set minimum measurements, can expand and increase in size according to specific requirements.


When space stretches out to infinity.

Disegno di Legno Modular Systems are the results of a harmonious combination of bricks. Thanks to their perfect structural and aesthetic balance, it is possible to put them together using identical elements, creating a visual continuum and multiplying spaces. For a result adapting to any need.

The quality of substance.

More than 100 Fiemme Tremila essences, more than 15 finishes and a core in Fiemme Valley spruce encased in a thickness of 5 cm: Disegno di Legno brick is packed with beauty, solidity and versatility in the service of well-being. Each brick is assembled with the others with a dry wood joints system, without the use of harmful glues.


Bookcase 1

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Bookcase 2

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Bookcase 3

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Bookcase 4

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Tavolo 2

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Tavolo 3

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Tavolo 5

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Mensola 1

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Bed 1

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Discover our philosophy


Every square centimetre of Disegno di Legno's furnishing solutions is a synthesis of the values of Fiemme Tremila floors, wood and essences.



Starting from a base element, it can be multiplied or increased in proportion, creating furniture and furnishing elements that make their geometric soul their charm.