The wood, boards and essences of Fiemme Tremila floors, thanks to the vision and aesthetic sensitivity of the aledolci&co studio, come alive with an unexpected verticality, take shape and three-dimensionality, giving life to SOLO.

collezione Solo sideboard | SOLO collection

SOLO wood.
Not just furniture.

A new way of conceiving wood furniture. This name evokes purity, simplicity and the nature itself of this collection made only – solo, in Italian – with biocompatible wood.

sideboard | SOLO collection
dettaglio prodotto
dettaglio prodotto


Beauty, simplicity and elegance are the signature styles of aledolci&co studio. A passion for wood and enthusiasm did the rest: that’s how SOLO was created. This collection merges colours, lines and shapes into objects with a unique personality.


SOLO collection


The idea becomes three-dimensional in a dialogue between full and empty spaces.

In this collection, the volumes define the space and, at the same time, are redefined by them. Compartments, containers and shelves enhance the surfaces, their textures and colours, and become an opportunity for display, storage and narration.

Lounge table

SOLO collection


SOLO collection


Texture and colours to get to the core of uniqueness.

Like a tailor-made suit, every element of this collection is studied, down to the smallest detail. The combination of colours, the choice of wood, the play of textures and tactile responses are the result of relentless study. That’s the only way to get this unique result in SOLO.

Workshop Table

SOLO collection


SOLO collection

Short table

SOLO collection

dettaglio prodotto

Beauty made to last.

A solid structure, based on perfect balance; a raw material that by its very nature conveys strength and certainty; resistant surfaces, capable of defying time, use, and fashion. These are the elements that make the furniture in the SOLO collection the perfect companions for everyday life. Furniture with a well-defined aesthetic, born to be touched, used, and experienced.

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Every square centimetre of Disegno di Legno's furnishing solutions is a synthesis of the values of Fiemme Tremila floors, wood and essences.



Starting from a base element, it can be multiplied or increased in proportion, creating furniture and furnishing elements that make their geometric soul their charm.